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Morgan Hill, California is one of the last communities in the region with a charming, small town atmosphere; full of lush parks and open spaces, and offering an awesome variety of locally owned businesses. These small businesses are an integral part of our community, affecting each and every one of us in some way – whether by meeting our unique shopping needs, providing jobs, or even by supporting local charities or teams. Communities and their small businesses really do go hand in hand.
The Local Multiplier Effect helps us to better understand the relationship between small, locally-owned businesses and the communities in which they operate. Every $1 spent locally may have an economic impact of $3 or more on our community. When small businesses thrive in our towns or cities, they are likely to:

  • Hire staff locally, who in turn spend their wages locally as well.
  • Hire local professionals, like accountants and attorneys, who then hire staff likely, who in turn spend their wages locally, and so on.
  • Turn to local companies and businesses to source supplies, which then further stimulates the local economy.

As you can see, spending our dollars locally ultimately ripples through many layers of our community’s economy, in a way that shopping at big box stores simply can’t. Supporting locally-owned businesses is the best way to ensure a thriving town or city for years to come! is an initiative that grew from the need to strengthen the connection between our community and its’ incredible small businesses. Our City Manager, Raquel Crowell, is another driving force behind the movement. She is an incredibly knowledgeable resource for businesses – those why may be just starting out with, or just those who have questions or need guidance to help to maximize their existing profile. She can be reached directly at 408-201-4292, or through her profile: is the most comprehensive business directory and online marketplace in Morgan Hill. Not only does it offer an expansive online marketplace; you can also find deals, mobile or printable coupons, and even purchase deals and gift certificates directly.

Explore and discover the amazing small businesses that our community has to offer!

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